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Prayer Team,

Please be in prayer for Melissa Bryan's mom. She fell during the night last night and has several injuries, including a fractured c2 in her neck. Please lift her up in your prayers. We know God cares for her and can provide the hearing touch that she needs at this moment. Thank you for praying,

P. Ronnie

Just received an update email from Jeannie Moore. She got some great news from the doctor today. After having some more testing done, the doctor told her that he didn't see anything that would lead him to believe that she might have cancer. So, she is praising the Lord today. She wanted me to update you all and send out a big "thank you" to you for all of your prayers.

Let's continue to pray for Jeannie and all the needs of those we love. God is Good!


P. Ronnie

Prayer Team,

Please lift up Jeannie Moore in prayer. Jeannie sent an email asking for prayer. She received some troubling news regarding her blood work. Her doctor wants her to undergo several tests over the next few weeks. Please pray that she will be brave and confident in her God - The Great Physician - during this time. Pray that her faith stays strong and that the peace of God floods her heart and mind every step of the way. May the Joy of the Lord be her strength in this season of testing. God's grace is sufficient for Jeannie. Let's pray for her.



Merlyn Snowden Werle

Please lift up Frances Snowden in prayer. She was requesting prayer on Facebook. Thanks for praying.


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