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Volunteer Today! The Church of God is one body made up of many members and each member has been given specific giftings and functions. Use your gifts today and make C@GV stronger. If you are not sure what your gifts are or how you fit into the larger picture of a cohesive healthy functioning local church, we'd love the opportunity to help you discover these things. Volunteer today and we can begin to this journey of discovery together. 



Due to the scaling back and streamlining of ministries during the COVID crisis in 2020, our volunteer opportunities at the church may not be as extensive as they normally would be. If you do not see an area listed below that fits your heart's desire, please communicate with us. *The following is not an exhaustive list of the current opportunities.



Do you hate it when things are dirty, broken, and needing attention? If so, then we need you! From basic cleaning to general repairs around the property to yard work, there are plenty of opportunities to serve Jesus and His local church in this critical ministry. 

Get involved today!


Tell us below how you'd like to get involved. Tell us about your gifts and the Holy Spirit birthed desire within you. We want to help you find your place in this local assembly.

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